Hospital Portfolio

Global focus, local approach

In an increasingly visual world, fresh, organic photography is the best way to showcase a business. Consumers want to see your company culture up close and personal. Our photographers capture authentic and meaningful images of your product, staff, and customers.

Digital Video

We craft high-quality, informative advertising and infotainment content for an increasingly digital viewership.

Broadcast Commercials

We produce TV advertising that showcases your brand’s unique value and vibe. Our commercials are tailored to your specific goals.


Our custom brand photography libraries help marketing campaigns feel authentic and connected to patients. 


We produce podcast episodes and create marketing and branding for your podcast that align with your brand voice, helping you reach a new audience.


Our radio ads meet your brand’s objectives to move and engage your audience. We integrate radio into your holistic marketing plan flawlessly.

Patient Testimonials

We create videos that highlight your patients’ stories and connect your brand to the community. Our testimonials strike the right tone at the right time.

Social Media

We develop social media that speaks directly to your community on a variety of platforms. Our posts build trust and allow your followers to get to know you.

Live Streams & Threads

We plan and execute educational and engaging Live experiences on social media that allow you to interact with your community in real time.


With brand websites, we create a digital experience that is immersive and engaging. We can rebrand, revamp, or create from scratch a site that represents your brand authentically.

Print & OOH Advertising

Our print and OOH ads capture your audience’s attention on the go. We capture your brand’s particular approach with just a glance.

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