Crossing Paths With Vanessa Serna Villa, Copywriter Intern

My name is Vanessa Serna Villa, and I am a recent graduate of Binghamton University with my Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering. This coming fall, I will be pursing my masters in the same at Carnegie Mellon University. This summer between curricula, I was eager to build my skillset in the world of research, writing, and creativity and found myself at the doors of Copy & Art in my new role as a Copywriter Intern.

Copy & Art is a next-generation ad agency with a strong healthcare focus. They are a team of bright minded, forward-thinking individuals who set high expectations for themselves and achieve even higher. This is evident in their exceptional service and beaming client testimonies. My application to intern with Copy & Art was nothing short of tapping into unfulfilled potential. Throughout my academic career, I have been laser-like focused on my selected path and continue to be. However, I never truly got the opportunity to write creatively or produce art outside of the context of a hobby. This summer, I was dedicated to developing new skills in another facet of healthcare.

In my role at Copy & Art, I conduct high quality research on up-and-coming healthcare innovations, express my creativity for engaging print, digital and social content, all while building expertise and approaching the healthcare industry with a different lens. My position allows me to make use of my research skills to identify relevant papers and valuable fact-based claims to support the team’s and clients’ needs. I am also encouraged to express any inclination I have in learning new concepts such as the basics of digital art, an interest I never got the chance pursue before. Copy & Art has not only offered me various resources to grow professionally, but personally as well.

As a female and Latina in a predominately male field, I know the kind of environment I want to be in, the people and values I want to be surrounded by and how I wish to be supported in the workplace. What differentiates Copy & Art from other companies are these values exactly, their synergy and their mission. Elena Rivera-Cheek is the founder and CEO of Copy & Art. The atmosphere she has been able to foster at her company is remarkable and deserves full recognition. She puts people first, has a truly diverse company with many women of color in leadership positions and puts in action what she preaches in words. This is a team that not only knows how to work together but wants to. Support is offered left and right; additional projects are adopted; and new ones are created. Every member is dedicated to continuously adding value to the company and making crucial contributions to its wellbeing. It’s been an extraordinary experience to be surrounded by such talented individuals with a common goal and an impressive work ethic to achieve it, together.

I recently went on a walking meeting with Elena, and we were discussing why it was so exciting for our paths to have crossed. Although I am early in my career and Elena is the founder of one of the fastest growing companies in the country, we share the common desire of being vehicles of change, to help our communities, as well as the ambition to make it happen. Healthcare technology is advancing rapidly. 10 years ago, a lot of what we do today many would have said is science fiction. Where we will be in the next 10 years?  What will we be able to do? And who will we be able to help? Healthcare involves everyone. From the providers to the patients, their families, pharmacies, policy makers, there is not a single person who isn’t affected by healthcare and its accessibility is important. Copy & Art is a different kind of agency. It’s one that looks beyond the task at hand and seeks to make a valuable, long-term impact, to potentially change someone’s life. For someone looking to make the same impact, there is no better place or team to be surrounded by than Copy & Art.