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Elena Rivera-Cheek is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Copy & Art, an award-winning creative agency in Westchester, New York. A successful business owner, entrepreneur, and marketing specialist, numerous audiences have benefited from her experience and knowledge. And hearing Elena speak is never boring. After many years of working at some of the biggest NYC ad agencies, Elena founded her own creative agency, Copy & Art, in 2011. She is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur who has guided her company successfully for 11 years and counting. She is honest and charismatic, and most of all, she loves sharing everything she’s learned with a captive audience. Her witty and frank approach always leaves audiences entertained and inspired.
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Sample Topics

Innovative Marketing

Elena draws from her years of experience in advertising and marketing to give her take on marketing strategies and trends, the best approach to digital marketing, and more.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Copy & Art is a minority- and woman-owned business. Elena gives her perspective, as a Hispanic woman entrepreneur, on DEI in a variety of industries.


A business success in her own right, Elena helps guide others to entrepreneurial success by sharing her strategies and successes.

Company Culture & Employee Management

The work culture and team at Copy & Art are one of Elena’s greatest achievements, and she shares her perspective on developing a strong company culture, hiring and retaining top talent, and managing a team.


Past Speaking Engagements

“Aim to be 2% better every day.”
“Failure is a part of every journey. But every failure I own.”
“If you wait for opportunities to come to you, you miss the chance to create them for yourself.”
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